Our recommended aftercare instructions.


1. Leave bandage on for 4-12 hours.
2. Wash your hands thoroughly and carefully remove bandage
3. Wash the tattoo with your fingertips and a mild soap. Do not use a washcloth, sponge or anything that will scrape the tattoo. Make sure all the ointment and blood are washed off.
4. Let the tattoo air dry. You may pat the tattoo dry with a clean paper towel. DO NOT SCRUB.
5. With your clean hands, apply a water-based, fragrance-free lotion such as Lubriderm. H2Ocean Tattoo Formula and Tattoo Tonic are also great
6. Use aftercare products sparingly!!!
7. Wear loose, clean, comfortable clothing.
8. Wash the tattoo two to three times a day, or when necessary. If the tattoo gets dirty of sweaty, wash & re-moisturize, but don’t overdo it.
9. Flaking and scabbing is normal. Let the scabs fall off by themselves.
10. Normal healing time is 6 weeks. Tattoo must be fully healed before a touch-up can be done.


1. Do not rebandage tattoo.
2. Showers are great. Swimming, hot tubs, saunas, or otherwise immersing the tattoo is not ok during the healing period.
3. Keep out of sunlight. UV rays will fade your tattoo.
4. Do not use bacitracin, Neosporin, fragranced lotions, your friend’s used bottle of their lotion, etc.
5. Do not over-moisturize the tattoo. It needs to breathe.
6. Do not pick the scabs off or scratch the tattoo.
7. Do not allow others to touch the healing tattoo.

You are responsible for taking care of your tattoo. Please follow these aftercare instructions to ensure a properly healed tattoo. Do not hesitate to call if you have any questions.

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