A truly diverse and talented group of artists make up the staff of Skeleton Key Tattoo. Please select an artist below to read a little more about who they are. Also, please take your time and check out our wonderful artists’ portfolios.

Ximena Quiroz
Chaz Vitale
Virgina Marting

Ximena Quiroz – Artist and Gallery Curator

Ximena Quiroz thought tattoos were pretty since she was old enough to know that Cracker Jack boxes had them as the toy surprise inside. After growing her personal tattoo and record collections, the winds brought her to Portland, OR. She apprenticed under Rio DeGenarro in 2006. In 2008, Ximena opened Skeleton Key Tattoo thanks to a kick in the butt from friends and a credit card.

Since apprenticing under Rio, Ximena has learned about scar camouflage and saline pigment removal from Mary Jane Haake. She is also certified by the Red Cross for bloodborne pathogens training. Currently she lives in her basement Tiki Bar in Portland, where tiki drinks are lovingly crafted and sipped while growing her record collection and organizing her army of cats.

Check out her instagram here.

Chaz Vitale

I was born in the frozen north, in a place named for it s birds of prey, I traded the ice sculptures and aurora borealis for a city brimming to bursting with roses and the dreamy possibility of becoming a professional artist.

I earned a Bachelor Degree of Fine Art with a concentration in Intermedia at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. I emphasized the studies of printmaking, assemblage and drawing. After graduating with honors from art school I trained as a body-positive, trauma-informed massage therapist and energy worker. I combine my understanding of the mind-body connection with visual art. I greatly value putting my anatomical training to task, making designs that flatter the human figure. I enjoy working in both black and grey and color on botanical, floral, animal, spiritually-inspired, memorial, text and art- inspired pieces. I also provide scar integration and cover up projects, as well as nipple re-pigmentation services.

From pure adornment to celebration to memorial; tattoos can satisfy the task of building meaning. I am deeply dedicated to achieving your satisfaction through the collaborative process of creating custom art. This portfolio is a collection of individual requests meant to spark your creative imagination. I am eager to chat with you about your tattoo schemes and dreams and create a beautiful piece of art that helps you to occupy your body and celebrate the unique skin that you are in. I am honored and grateful to work with you.

You can look at my instagram here.

Virginia Marting

Bio and gallery coming soon! Visit her instagram here.