A truly diverse and talented group of artists make up the staff of Skeleton Key Tattoo. Please select an artist below to read a little more about who they are. Also, please take your time and check out our wonderful artists’ portfolios.

Ximena Quiroz
Levi Greenacres
Waldo McClanahan
Joshua Little


Ximena Quiroz – Artist and Gallery Curator

Ximena Quiroz thought tattoos were pretty since she was old enough to know that Cracker Jack boxes had them as the toy surprise inside. After growing her personal tattoo and record collections, the winds brought her to Portland, OR. She apprenticed under Rio DeGenarro in 2006. In 2008, Ximena opened Skeleton Key Tattoo thanks to a kick in the butt from friends and a credit card.

Since apprenticing under Rio, Ximena has learned about scar camouflage and saline pigment removal from Mary Jane Haake. She is also certified by the Red Cross for bloodborne pathogens training. Currently she lives in her basement Tiki Bar in Portland, where tiki drinks are lovingly crafted and sipped while growing her record collection and organizing her army of cats.


Levi Greenacres – Artist

Levi has been tattooing since 2007, and joinied the shop in October of 2010. He attended the Art Institute of Seattle for Illustration, and worked as a freelance illustrator and designer for a number of years before taking an interest in the indelible alteration of skin. His interest is strongest in the style and history of traditional American tattoos, but is interested in many different styles and techniques.

When he is not tattooing, Mr. Greenacres writes and illustrates children’s books, creates band posters and images for merchandise, builds and maintains websites, and plays pinball into the wee hours. Levi’s site is here.

Waldo McClanahan

bio coming soon

Joshua Little

I have been an artist for as long as I can remember, I really do enjoy art in all its forms. I find myself constantly sketching out ideas that may take place in one form or another, every day. The mediums I am enthralled by are tattooing, drawing, painting with acrylics and acrylic inks, miniatures; painting and creating, jewelry, photography, mixed media sculpture and soon video game art and character design! I try to never limit my creativity to any one style or form of art and like to keep in mind that there is always learning and constant room for improvement in everything I do. To believe that there is no more to learn, or become better at is to become stagnant and to continue functioning in that manner would be futile and against everything I enjoy about art and its ability to grow and be amorphous.

With a traditional apprenticeship and 13+yrs of experience in tattooing from San Diego, California, Cincinnati, Ohio and Portland, Oregon I can say that tattooing has caught my eye a great deal more than the rest. Ever since I got involved in the tattooing community it has helped constantly improve all of the genres of art i enjoy. Tattooing seems to encompass just about every art form I can think of. Most other forms of art can be translated into a beautiful piece of art directly on the skin.With your ideas, my creativity and passion for making my clients completely satisfied, I can make something you are sure to love. I know that I can produce a piece of art on your skin that you will enjoy for the rest of your days.

With all that being said I would also like to say that tattooing is not all I enjoy doing. I am open to working in any of the areas I have mentioned as well as being open to commissions and working together with other creatives on many forms of art projects.