Skeleton Key Tattoo hosts an anniversary party each February, and several shop specials each year. It’s our way of saying thank you for your continued support over the years. It’s a great way to meet our artists, and see their tattoos and paintings.



Friday the 13th Special: Friday April 13th, 11am-10pm.


Tattoos are $50, and feature a new sheet of designs for 2018 from each of our artists. Designs will not be posted online to preview, but you may visit the shop in person one week before the 13th to view tattoo designs.

Special price applies to designs on arms and legs only, and to designs exactly as they appear on the sheet. Any changes in size, color, placement not on arms and legs, et cetera,  are subject to the shop minimum and hourly rate.

To sign up, please see the counter person in person to get a number. No appointments will be made over the phone.

When you get your number for you place in line, YOU MUST KEEP THIS NUMBER, as we are not taking appointments. We are calling numbers out in order. YOU MUST BE PRESENT WHEN YOUR NUMBER IS CALLED.

If you are not here when your number is called, you will lose your spot, and we will call the next number.

If you do not have your number in your hand, you will lose your spot. If you lose your spot, you are welcome to take another number and try again.

Having a number DOES NOT guarantee you will get in.

The shop closes at 10pm, and we will be calling our last numbers for the day at 9pm. This is a popular event, and people show up early for it. If you plan to show up before the shop opens to wait, please dress appropriately for the weather, and respect our neighbors that are also open for business.

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