There are many reasons one may want a tattoo removed or covered up. Whatever the reason may be, laser removal is the first solution many people think of, or perhaps it’s some topical agent a friend suggested because they saw the ad on TV.

Skeleton Key Tattoo offers a pigment removal method employed by many cosmetic tattoo artists that involves using all natural sea salt and our normal tattooing equipment. This is a safe and more affordable alternative to laser removal. It is important to remember that we can not guarantee 100% removal, however we may be able to lighten the old tattoo enough to make it easier to hide it with a new tattoo design. Multiple sessions are usually necessary to achieve the desired effect. The number of sessions necessary depends on the individual and results will vary.

We require an in-person consultation for saline pigment lightening. The client and artist will determine the desired goal for the procedure, how many pigment lightening sessions may be necessary, as well as evaluate other factors including, but not limited to skin condition (skin type, psoriasis, eczema, prone to keloids/scarring), allergies, etc.

When choosing a tattoo removal method, it is important to research your options carefully. Skin types vary and not all tattoo removal options may be the best one for your skin. Meet the removal technician in person, look at pictures of previous work, and be wary of TV and radio commercials for topical agents.

To set up a consultation for this procedure with us, you can contact us with our form, or call 503-233-4292, and ask for Ximena.