Covid 19 Procedures

Hello, and thank you for reading! Life is a little different these days, so we have to make some adjustments to keep everyone safer while enjoying the tattoo process. Please get to know these new basic guidelines. Your tattoo artist will go over everything in greater detail. We appreciate your cooperation.

1) We are appointment only until further notice. All of us can not work in the same room at the same time so that we can practice social distancing. In order to minimize risk, same day scheduling may not be possible.

2) You will need to come alone to your appointment. Your ride, companion, group of friends, etc. may not wait inside the shop as we no longer have a customer lobby. For “group tattoos” where everyone wants a matching tattoo, for example, each person needs an individual appointment.¬† Please plan accordingly.

3) Masks are required inside the shop for the duration of your appointment. To help keep our shop and tattooing furniture clean, you will be provided a clean cloth mask in a sealed pouch to wear during your appointment. When you leave, there will be a receptacle available for your used mask. It is highly recommended that you wear one of your own to the shop, and when you exit.

4) You will need to fill out a Covid 19 Declaration Form along with the regular release sheet.¬†Oregon Health Authority may use your information to contact you if someone that has been at this tattoo shop tests positive for Covid 19. Don’t forget that you still need to be 18 with valid government issued ID.


COVID-19 Cancellations Policy

You may be asked to have your temperature checked with a distance thermometer before being allowed entry to the shop. If you present with a fever, you will not be allowed inside and your artist will reschedule your appointment.

If you begin to experience symptoms commonly associated with COVID-19 before your appointment, please contact the shop at 503-233-4292, or your artist directly to reschedule. While our deposit policy states that under regular, non-emergency circumstances we require a 24-hour notice to reschedule appointments, this will be waived in the case of COVID-19 symptoms.

For more information on Covid 19, check out this link from the CDC